A day at Glapton

Summary to the school day:

Start of day: doors open at 8.45 and close at 8.50
Play time: 10.30 – 10.50
Lunch time: 12.00 – 1.00
Start of afternoon session: 1.00
Assembly: 1.00- 1.15
Afternoon play time: 2.30 – 2.45
End of school day: 3.15

1. Start of the day

A day at GlaptonOur day starts at 8.45 when the classroom doors are opened. Children are expected to enter their classroom between 8.45 and 8.50.

At 8.50 all the doors are closed and a child arriving after that time is late and must come to the Reception area to sign in.

The Nursery doors open at 8.50 and close at 9.00 for the morning session. The afternoon session starts with doors opening at 12.35 and closing at 12.45. Children arriving after 9.00 or 12.45 must come to the Reception area to sign in late. From there they will be taken to their class by a member of staff.

The teachers are on duty ten minutes before school begins in the morning and five minutes before the afternoon session. You are asked not to send your children to arrive any earlier than this unless they are on the premises to have breakfast in our breakfast club.

Please do not come into the classroom in the morning unless you have an urgent matter to discuss with the class teacher. We like to make a prompt start to the day and the children find it hard to settle if some parents are in the room.

2. Play time and break

Playtime is at 10.30. The older children play on the KS2 playground and the younger ones on the KS1 playground. We have 2 trim trails, a boat, a stage and seating areas as well as two enormous playgrounds and lots of field space.

Children are encouraged to eat fruit and drink water at playtime. Crisps and other snacks are not allowed. The children have a 20 minute playtime.

3. Lunch time

Lunch time starts at 11.50 for our children in KS1 and 12.00 for the KS2 children. Children may have either a hot school dinner, ordered from the office, or a packed lunch bag.

Children are encouraged to eat their lunch and try food they might not usually have. If a child does not eat all the food in their packed lunch it will be left in their lunch bag to be brought home for you to see.

Sometimes children don’t eat very much at lunch time! If this happens, we will always ring you to let you know. If they tell us they are hungry later on we will let them eat something from their packed lunch.

Lunch time ends at 1.00 with all the children returning to their classrooms for the start of the afternoon session.

4. Afternoon Playtime

The children in KS1 and the Foundation Stage have a short 15 minute playtime from 2.30 to 2.45. The children in KS2 may sometimes have a session outdoors in the afternoon but this is at the discretion of their class teacher.

5. End of day

Our school day ends at 3.15. Children’s safety is our priority. We dismiss the children once we can see the parent or adult that is collecting them. This may mean that at times your child is a little later leaving school but it is vital for us to be certain that all children are leaving with the correct grown up. Please let us know if someone other than yourself will be collecting your child at the end of the day.

Once children start KS2 in Year 3, we ask you to let us know how you want your child to leave their class. You can choose for us to dismiss them to an adult or to let them go independently as you will be waiting for them.

Forms are sent out in September for you to let us know what you prefer.

Any child that is not collected promptly will be brought to the Reception area by their class teacher or teaching assistant. The office staff will call you to let you know that they need collecting.

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