Who Are We?

Head Teacher - Mrs Roberts

Deputy Head Teacher - Mrs Bancroft

Assistant Head Teacher and SENCo - Mrs Fielder

Key Stage 2 Leader - Mr Moseley

Teaching and Learning Mentor - Mrs Naughton

Early Years Phase

Saplings Class Teacher (F1) - Mrs Fletcher and Mrs Smith

Willow Class Teacher (F2) - Mrs Williams

Juniper Class Teacher (F2) - Miss Wrate


Early Years Teaching Assistants

Mrs Wass

Miss Smith

Mr Fletcher

Miss Evans

Miss Lewis

Mrs Gee

Key Stage One

Beech Class Teacher (Year 1) - Miss Copley

Chestnut Class Teacher (Year 1/2) - Mrs Quigg

Hazel Class Teacher (Year 2) - Miss Morley

Key Stage Two

Oak Class Teacher (Year 3) - Mr Payne

Sycamore Class Teacher (Year 4) - Miss Edwards

Rowan Class Teacher (Year 3/4) - Miss Shenton

Birch Class Teacher (Year 5) - Mrs Bancroft

Elm Class Teacher (Year 5/6) - Miss Cartwright and Mrs Wilkinson

Alder Class Teacher (Year 6) - Mr Moseley

Key Stage One and Two Teaching Assistants

Miss Smith

Miss Newbury

Miss Gibbins

Miss Robinson

Mrs Webster

Mr Grabowski

Mrs Akbar-Zia

Mrs Lees

Mrs Lever

Social and Emotional Mentor - Mr Ransford

P.E Teacher - Mr Roulstone

Pupil Support Officer - Mrs Callaghan

School Counsellor - Mrs Julie Hanson

Office Staff

Mrs Hill

Mrs Lang

Miss Stirrett

Site Manger - Mr Cassidy


The L.E.A.D. Multi Academy Trust. Registered address: 5a The Ropewalk, Nottingham, NG1 5DU.
A charitable company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales (company number: 08296921).