Chestnut- Y2

Miss Morley and Miss Newbury

Hello and welcome to Chestnut's class page

 It has been lovely to welcome the children back to school after the summer holidays. It is wonderful to see how ready to learn they all are! The children have settled in really well and we have already been having lot of fun!

Our topic is “Sailing the 7 Seas” and we have already been on an adventure around the world and enjoyed becoming pirates!



To start of this term we have been looking at place value. After that, we will be looking at addition and subtraction.

We have had lots of fun getting out all the different equipment to help us learn and investigate theories.


We are studies the text “Pirates love Underpants”. We started off by becoming pirates ourselves to help us write a character description about the Captain.

We have just received a letter from the Captain asking us to send him his favourite sandwiches and the recipe. To help us write our instruction we have been learning about coordinating conjunctions and adverbs.

Have a look at the fun actives we have been doing!