Oak- Y3/4

Mr Phillips and Mrs Crawford


New Beginnings, Same Hard Workers!

Welcome to Oak class! Autumn term is upon us and soon the trees will turn golden. An exciting year lies ahead for the young Oaks in year 3. 

I am so happy with the progress the children have been making this Autumn. Their attitude in all areas has been fantastic and I cannot wait to see what Oak Class achieve this Autumn term!


  • PE kits are needed for Tuesdays and Fridays. Please pack warmer clothes (jogging bottoms) as the sessions will still be outside.
  • Spellings tests are on Mondays.
  • Homework is collected on Wednesdays and is given out on Fridays.

What have the children of Oak class been up to? 


Maths – Addition and Subtraction

Year 3 is an exciting time because the children will be discovering the different methods to complete addition and subtraction. We have been representing addition and subtraction using base 10 blocks, ensuring that we know what each place value is before completing a number sentence. We have been looking at adding numbers mentally on a number line and by partitioning.

Times Tables Rockstar Day -  Mr Phillips’ socks were blown off by how well the children worked on this day. They took part in various activities that involved multiplication, including Times Tables Splat! 



English – It is 200AD and we are Roman Gladiators. We have been challenged to write a diary entry recounting our day training in the Colosseum. We have equipped ourselves with exciting features such as compound and complex sentences. Augustus Ceaser is incredibly excited to read these very Roman diary entries. What might a Gladiator’s day look like?

Topic – Mr Phillips made a tiny mistake in topic…

His plan was to send a robot back in time to capture a real Woolly Mammoth to bring back for the children. However, the robot he created malfunctioned in the time warp.

Instead of a Woolly Mammoth, the robot brought back…. POO!

Not just any poo, Woolly Mammoth poo!

Oak class were disgusted but intrigued, so why not take this chance to dissect the poo and discover more about the Mammoth’s diet? That was the only logical option. 

We also discovered what it was like to be in the Stone Age. We read a story called ‘The Stone Age Boy’ around a fire lit by old fashioned flint and steel. 


Thank you 

I’d like to thank all the parents for working hard with the children at home to ensure that they are reading and consolidating their learning. We really do see a difference in their progress!

Please feel free to have a chat with me if you have any concerns or need any suggestions for work at home. I enjoy talking to you all and I look forward to every day with your children in my class!