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All dates are given in good faith but may be subject to unavoidable changes.

2018/19 School Terms and Holidays

2017/18 School Terms and Holidays

2016/17 School Terms and Holidays

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Dates to Remember

  • Weekly sessions from 4th June: Swimming - Sycamore, Rowan, Oak & Year 6

  • Weekly sessions from 11th June: Bikeability for Year 6

  • 14th June: Library Visits, Birch at 9:30am, Elm at 10:30am

  • 20th June: Year 6 out at NTU Campus all day

  • 21st June: Library Visits, Alder at 9:30am, Hazel at 10:30am

  • 25th June: 09:00am–10:00am Parents Come in & Share
                     Classrooms open (except Saplings)

  • 28th June: Library Visits, Chestnut at 09:30am, Beech at 10:30am.
                     : School Book Fair KS1 Hall – 8.15am & 3.15pm

  • 29th June: School Book Fair KS1 Hall – 8.15am & 3.15pm

  • 2nd July: School Book Fair KS1 Hall – 8.15am & 3.15pm
                    : 3.15pm Art Gallery KS1 Hall

  • 3rd July: School Book Fair - 8.15am & 3.15pm
                   : 3.15pm Art Gallery KS1 Hall

  • 4th July: Class Swap Day

  • 5th July: Library Visits, Juniper at 9:30am, Willow at 10:30am
                  : Willow Class Assembly - 2:45pm Classroom
                  : Juniper Class Assembly - 2:45pm Classroom

  • 10th July: 9.15am – KS2 Sports Day, 11.00am – KS1 Sports Day

  • 16th July: Year 2 overnight residential at Wollaton Park

  • 17th July: Awards Evening

  • 20th July: Yr6 Leavers Performance – KS2 Hall 1.45pm
  • 23rd July: Year 6 PROM 4.30pm - 6.30pm

  • 24th July: PTA Summer Extravaganza – 3.30pm onwards
                  : School breaks up for Summer Holidays

  • 6th September: School re-opens to pupils

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